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What is a green building?

Green Building – What is Green Building?

Buildings that are sustainable, ecological, green, environmentally friendly and harmonious, efficient consumers, assessed corresponding to selection of site and life cycle, designed with the understanding of holistic, social and environmental approach, suitable to the area’s climate, directed to renewable resources, provoke the use of natural materials that do not produce waste and sensible to ecosystems can be called as green buildings.

As the Green Building Councils around the world experienced, the best way to provoke green building design is to credit buildings with “green label”. Similar to the way the food or the goods are labelled with eco-labels, using the same method for the buildings will increase provocation of green building designs. With these labels, registration of a building within green standards is granted. These standards also guide the architects and engineers who want to design green buildings, provide a label for the companies who want to share their social responsibilities with the public as well as being perceived as a social task for the companies that are interested in green structuring.

Buildings and settlements are responsible for the 40% emission of the greenhouse gas – CO2. In this situation, it is ineluctable to understand the role of architects, engineers, urban planners and city managers. The effects of buildings and settlements on environment are not limited with greenhouse gas emissions. They are also responsible for the 12% of water usage, 65% of waste production and 71% of electricity usage. The extent of these percentages indicates a great potential to cut back the effects on environment. A research made in America about the green buildings represents a fall in the percentages of energy by 24-50%, CO2 emissions by 33-39%, water usage by 40% and waste production by 70%.
The investments and costs of green buildings will come back to the investors in long term.  A research made in 2008 in America indicates that the costs of green building design only increased between 1-10%.